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About Vijay Sir...

Founded in 2001
AMD  started in April 2001, led by Mr. Vijay Bhattad  in India, along with a like-minded team of young, devoted developers familiar with a large variety of technologies, programming languages and techniques, and with the view of providing the best products and solutions for customers globally. Currently, we are operating from India to provide products all over India and around the globe. We constantly update with new technologies and the latest trends in the field of Embedded systems.
Having been worked with large number of microcontroller we are know quit through with ATMEL ,AVR,PIC,ARM and MOTOROLA Controllers .

Our Motives

As product developers, we have been facing difficulties getting high-quality reliable materiel for development work. Most items were difficult to find locally. Even if we could locate them, quality items were not consistently available. To get around this issue, we thought we needed to establish a reliable company where quality products will be available over the long term. Our goal is to provide the latest technology products, which will boost your development productivity and allow you to concentrate on your end result, rather than struggling to make something work. Our products are backed with strong research and support. Everything we ship to you has been tested thoroughly before it reaches you.

The Future

Way back in 2001, we were the first people in India to start the online shopping concept for technical products. Since then, we have continuously received feedback from customers, and we are constantly improving. We do plan to expand our range into various technologies. We plan to explore fields of computer controlled machines, brain-computer interface, computer-aided design (CAD), simulation, and much more. The list goes on as technology grows, and we will keep you updated with our progress from our website.


Mr. Vijay Bhattad

B.E. Instrument & PG-Bio Medical   Instrumentation            

Mobile :- +91 9422959876 , 9823042432


Mr. Harish.R.Chaware

ME CSE(Pursuing) ,BE IT

Mobile:-  + 919764211124 


Mr. Mohammad Mohsin

B.E. Computer.

Mobile :- +91  8983268862


Miss. Kajal Rajvaidya

BE (EXTC) , M.E. IInd Year

HR Development & Project Trainer




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