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AMD Vision

The best in class education, Training and Product development Company in Robotics & Embedded system  system design in India and abroad. 

AMD Mission

To Attain the leadership Position and to be the partner of choice for schools , colleges and cooperates in the field of  Science and Technology with hands on Experience.

Embedded and Microcontroller Based System

 The micro controllers are playing an increasingly important role in a wide range of Engineering applications. Applications of micro controller are found almost  in all industries and discipline around the world .Engineers from all discipline benefits from  learning  the power of the microcontrollers in solving Engineering problems. A microcontroller is described as a computer on a chip because it contains all the features of a full computer including central processor, inbuilt clock circuitry, ROM, RAM, input and output ports with special features' such as serial communication, analogue-to-digital conversion and, more recently,Digital signal processing.  This advance-training course will provide all engineering students the opportunity to learn to use the microcontroller as a tool for solving various industrial monitoring and control problems. This is accomplished through training of participant at a minimum base of information, which is essential to using microcontrollers, but more importantly teaching them a design methodology, which they follow and build upon when they move on to industry. In this manner, the purpose of the course is to develop an essential framework for using the microcontroller as a design tool and opening up a wide range of opportunities for exposing participants to applied engineering problems and to the unique solutions that microcontrollers offer in dealing with these problems.

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